Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Summertime pictures

Summertime is...

Tuis tweeting among the blossoms(Grace)

Munching crunching cones of hokey pokey(Liam)

Sliding down a slippery purple slide(Pippa)


  1. Wow Room 18! Some great drawings there. Looks like there are some very talented students in the class. Keep up the awesome work! Mrs Nelson

  2. What a great wall display! Keep up the fantastic work Room 18!

  3. Stella and Nicole22 February 2017 at 12:23

    Room 18 is awesome because we do a lot of arty activities and Mrs Morris and Mrs Maloney are amazing! What do you like about being in Room 18?

  4. Hi room 18. Mrs Morris I love the colourful art we did. I love all the ideas we get. Which one is yours and why you did it?

    1. I agree the summer time pictures look so cool on our wall and their are a lot of very out standing and creative art work up there.The reason why I did my idea was because usually at summer I hear birds chirping out side my window.

  5. My one is the plate with food because food is the 10th awesome thing in the world

  6. I love all the colourful art we do in Room 18.Does enyone else enjoy art?

  7. What fantastic language. You have really painted a picture with words

  8. Great art work and lots of lovely colours used.