Sunday, 3 December 2017

Folk Dancing Fun!

We had two afternoon sessions learning folk dancing with Mrs Venville. The dances were Rovenarca, Ball and the Jack, Virginia Reel, Bunny Hop and the  Hokey Tokey. We especially enjoyed Rovenarca, Bunny Hop and Virginia Reel.


  1. I like folk dancing because it is a type of dance and I like all types of dance! Personally I think...Macy looks very funny in her photo. Who else thinks she is funny?

  2. I loved doing the folk dancing. My favourite is the hokey tokey and the ball in the jack. What was your favourite?

  3. I enjoyed doing folk dancing because we got to experience all kinds of dances,and like Tait,I like dance as well.My partner was Jordyn, and my favourite dances were Rovenaca and the ball in the jack.What was your favourite part?