Thursday, 29 June 2017

Catherine's Family Treasure

Catherine showed us her Great Grandmother Marjorie Gordon's gold locket. Inside the locket are photos of her grandparents. These would be Catherine's Great-Great-Great Grandparents!


  1. WOW Cat your great great great! grandmothers golden locket must be really special to you. Did it come in a case or by itself?

  2. WOW Cat your Great great great! GrandMothers Golden locket must be really special!!

  3. WOW Cat I love your great great great grandmothers special necklace that must mean a lot to your family. Good job for looking hard at home to find something about your family history. Well done. I also think your family treasure was very interesting. Do you like Cat family treasure?

  4. Wow Cat! That looks very special to you and your family!
    And as Sienna said did it come in it's case or by itself?

  5. Well done Cat for sharing you're great! great! great! grandmothers necklace.
    I thought it was very interesting.
    Did anyone else think that it was interesting?