Thursday, 15 June 2017

Congratulations to our Super Stars, Ashton, Brendon, Carter and Sebastian!

Ashton...for awesome effort with Reading and for trying hard to do his best with all work

Brendon...excellent effort with his narrative writing-A Desert Island

Carter...for working to do his very best with his work 

Sebastian...for producing his work to a high standard


  1. Well done Brendon, Carter, Ashton and Seb!
    you all deserve those certificates,because you had been working so hard this week.
    Brendon I think that you are so proud of yourself because you have not had a certificate for 5 years. Does anyone else think that Brendon, Ashton Carter and Seb deserved the certificates?

    By Macy

  2. WHOO HOO!! I've finally got a certificate finally!!!

  3. WELL DONE Seb, Carter, Ashton and Brendon for getting a certificate! You guys really deserved it. Brendon, you must have been very proud of yourself when you heard your name.
    Were you proud of yourself when you heard your name?

  4. Well done Ashton, Carter, Brendon, Seb. Did you get a certificate or a principal's award?

  5. I was quite excited to get a certificate with the other boys. Who will it be next week?

  6. Well done! Ashton, Carter, Seb and Brendon. I bet you worked hard for that certificate did you? Do you think the boys deserved that certificate?

    1. Hi Stella. I also agree with you that Brendon,Seb,Ashton
      and Carter all deserved those certificates.
      Does anyone else think that they deserved those certificates?