Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ceska's Family Treasures

In Room 18 we have been sharing our Family Treasures as part of our topic study: Many Cultures One Land.
Here is Ceska with her Great Grandmother's pot for her jewellery. Her Great Grandmother lived in Croatia.


  1. Wow Ceska I like Your Treasure because it looks cool! i hope you like Your Treasure!

  2. WOW Ceska your family treasure is great! My favourite part is seeing the pictures of the church in Croatia that was really interesting, also seeing the different types of churches the modern ones and the old ones.

  3. WOW Ceska! Those look very special to you and your great grandma!

    Is that now yours or your mums or grandmas?

  4. Well done Ceska your news was very interesting. Do you sew a lot like your great grandma?