Monday, 5 June 2017

Colour Wheel Learning

Ms Maloni taught us about the colours on the colour wheel:
primary colours, secondary colours, warm colours, cool colours, contrast colours and complementary colours. Sienna made a chart recording these. In the photo, Isla is sharing her knowledge with Ms Maloni. After that we experimented with the colour ideas on our sketches.


  1. I know a lot about the colour wheel. Its probably because of when, I went to this place called,Te Tuhi near pakuranga plaza,during when I was at Elm Park School.Has anyone else been to Te Tuhi.By the way Mrs Morris the title says coour wheel learning.

  2. Wow room 18, looks like you guys are having some good fun doing the dragons.
    Are you having fun?

  3. I liked writing the colours on the colour chart it was interesting learning the primary colours, secondary colours, warm colours, cool colours, contrast colours
    complementary colours. It was really fun (I was doing the chart so it was a bit hard to listen in)

  4. I loved drawing the dragon and colouring it warm and cool colours. I did warm and cool colours for my dragon. I love all your dragon calendars. It was so much fun doing all the steps to have a great looking dragon. Thank you to Mrs Maloni and Mrs Morris for thinking of this awesome idea for our calendar art. I LOVE ARTS WEEK. Are you loving arts week.

    1. Yes Stella. I loved arts week! All our dragons looked awesome!

  5. Oh my!Look at all those art work. I think art is a great subject! Do you also think it's a great subject?

  6. Arts week was so much fun.
    Too bad it had to end last week (Friday).
    Who else had as much FUN as I did?

  7. (Reply to Olivia)
    I'm with you I loved arts week!