Thursday, 11 May 2017

Buddhist Temple Visit

Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on our trip to The Buddhist Temple. Sally French took these photographs of our visit...thank you, Sally.

The 3 Gs we learnt were:
Think good thoughts
Say good things
Do good deeds


  1. I enjoyed the visit to the Buddhist Temple. My favourite part was learning about the 3 gs and 4 gs, the Lotus flower was fun as well but holding the FIRE wasn't really my thing - too hot!

  2. I enjoyed going the Buddhist temple.I loved the chocolate brownies!The origami
    and the wishing bell was okay.But bathing the Buddah was way to weird for me!I learnt a lot about 3Gs and 4Gs.Olivia and Sienna looked really smart in those police uniforms.Imagine them becoming police officers someday.

  3. Carter and Liam21 May 2017 at 14:57

    Carter's favourite part was when he was eating the YUMMY brownies and the police talk! Liam's favourite part was when he was also eating the YUMMY brownies and when he was making the lotus flower. Carter and Liam learnt heeps of things, like the 4gs and the 3gs. What was your favourite part?

    1. I Liked Olivia Talking TO THE Police DID YOU?

  4. Sienna you look so cute in the police outfit.
    Olivia looked cute as well