Sunday, 14 May 2017

Olivia's Autumn Poem


Fiery red leaves
Twirling down to the ground
Like graceful ballerinas dancing

Feeling the red orange yellow
Leaves crush beneath my feet

That lovely Autumn breeze
Rushing through my hair
Like the wind rushing past me
In an EXCITING  running race

Hedgehogs as spiky as prickles
Getting ready for the long Winter's  hibernation

Evergreen trees sitting there
Clueless as to why all the deciduous trees are losing all their
pretty coloured leaves

By Olivia
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  1. Matthew Thomas15 May 2017 at 23:01

    WOW Olivia! I really liked your poem.My favourite part was when you said Hedgehogs as spiky as prickles still I liked the rest. GOOD JOB!

  2. WOW OLIVIA! Your poem is great. I think it's got lots of good words in it.
    Do you think her poem has lots of good words in it?

  3. Nice job Olivla. Your poem is very colourful. Do you think Olivla's poem is colourful?

    1. Yes Stella. I agree Olivla's poem is colourful.

  4. Hi Tait
    Yes I agree Olivia's poem has very good words in it! I also think that she put good similes in it! Like "Hedgehogs as spiky as a prickle". GOOD JOB!

  5. WOW Olivia YOUR POEM IS really COOL well Done

  6. WOW Olivia Good job!
    I like how you used the word "Deciduous" It made your poem very interesting! Well done. I also liked that you put the sentence "Fiery red leaves twirling down to the ground like Graceful Ballerinas dancing!" and you put EXCITING in it that did make it EXCITING! well done.

  7. good job Olivia
    I like your poem, because it has some good sentences for example "leaves crush beneath my feet" Well done!

  8. WOW Olivia I Like Your Poem SO Much Because you Put The Word Deciduous!.

  9. Well Done Olivia. Your poem looks amazing,keep up all your hard work.