Sunday, 14 May 2017

Tait's Autumn Poem

Autumn is
Beautiful leaves as red as blood clutching onto the tree

Cute Tuis tweeting loudly in the tree like a piano being played be a pianist

Old, crunchy leaves getting broken down into little pieces in my hands

Leaves starting to twirl off the tree like graceful ballerinas

Smelling the beautiful, fresh, relaxing Autumn breeze

Colourful leaves old or soggy wet or strong
Flowers closing, winter is coming

Leaves as crunchy as crackers
Leaves as delicate as glass

Grass as wet as soggy damp chips
Trees as colourful as a rainbow
Red leaves, brown leaves slowly drifting down

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By Tait


  1. I really like my poem it's a good one.
    Who else thinks mine is a good one?

    1. is a really good poem.I like your similes for example like a piano being played by a pianist,it sounds really good.Does anyone else like Tait's poem?

  2. pippa wilkinson17 May 2017 at 14:29

    WELL DONE Tait I love Your poem Because You Put The Word Damp?

  3. WOW Tait I liked how you used "leaves delicate as glass".

  4. Hi Grace.
    yes I agree Tait's poem is a good one!

  5. WOW Tait good job, on your Autumn poem it looks like you love Autumn!

  6. Tait It looks like Autumn is your Favourite Season. I like how you have displayed your poem. Keep the Hard Work up.