Thursday, 11 May 2017

Congratulations Alexandra, Olivia, Emma and Catherine

Alexandra and are able to talk about your strategies when problem solving at  Maths times to show your understanding.
Catherine...we love the Autumn poem you created with descriptive language. try so hard with all of your schoolwork and you are making pleasing progress.
Well done girls! Room 18 are very proud of you all.

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  1. Well Done Ladies. It looks like you have been trying your hardest. Great Job.

  2. Congratulations Alexandra,Emma,Catherine and Olivia. You are awesome students in the class and around school. Great job.Do you think Alexandra,Emma,Catherine and Olivia deserved those certificates.

  3. well done Alex, Emma, Catherine, and Olivia.

  4. Well done Emma, Alex, Olivia and Catherine. You guys look very proud in the photo. Who else thinks they look proud?