Sunday, 14 May 2017

Emma's Autumn Poem

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Bees disappearing as the flowers close
Amazing clouds, fun to watch    

Grass as wet as a grumpy old clouds
Autumn wind swishing past my face

Animals hibernating in leaves as cripsy as apples
Getting darker faster like the wind

Getting colder, wearing beanies, standing by the heater

By Emma


  1. Well done Emma! Your poem is wonderful , I love it.
    Who else thinks it is a good one?

    1. Good job Emma!I like your descriptive words.Tait I agree with you, Emma's poem is good one.Which describing word do you like in Emma's poem?

  2. I like how you used similies in your poem. My favourite similie was "as a grumpy old clouds." What was your favourite similie?

  3. GREAT JOB EMMA I Love Your Autumn Poem

  4. WOW! Emma,what an amazing poem.I like that in your poem you added the word "beanies" in there because you actually start wearing beanies in Autumn. GOOD JOB!

  5. EMMA Your Autumn poem is SO FUNNY! Because YOU Said As A Grumpy Old Cloud
    VERY FUNNY! Hey Emma What Do You Think About Emma's poem

  6. Nicole I LOVE that simile "as a grumpy old clouds." That is a great simile Emma.Great job Emma. What is your favourite simile?

  7. Well down Emma, I loved your poem I liked how you used the sentince "bees disappearing as flowers close" it was really cool!

  8. WOW Emma I just thought of something! I loved when you used the "beanies" because it is SO COLD! Do you think that, that was a good word?

  9. Emma I like how you said Bees disappearing as the flowers close.

  10. Good job Emma,
    I like how you used the word "hibernating" it made me really want to read your poem. I also like how you used the sentence "grumpy old clouds fun to watch" that was clever, but why would you want to watch a grumpy old cloud?

  11. Well Done Emma and Keep the hard work up.

  12. Good work Emma!.I absolutely love that simile of yours. Great descriptive writing keep it up!.