Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Congratulations to Tait and Olivia!

We are proud of your accomplishments for the Sunnyhills School Girls Gym Teams. 

Year 4 girls' Gym team with Tait...1st place
Year 3 girls' team with Olivia...2nd place


  1. I had fun at the school gym competition on Wednesday. Well done to all you other gymnasts who also got some placings. Good try everyone else who had a go and got into the team! Ka Pai! Olivia and the other boys in the gym team(Rm 18) did you have a lot of fun? I bet you didn't have as much fun as me!

  2. Good job Tait for coming 1st and good job Olivia for coming 2nd. Good job for supporting Sunnyhills school. Joey, Liam, Jonhathan, Michael and Steven, do you know what place you came?

  3. Well done Olivia for coming 2nd and well done Tait for coming 1st. Thank you Joey, Liam, Jonhathan, Michael and Steven for supporting our school.

  4. Ka Pai you two did a great job you must have practiced really hard,you might even get into the Olympics one day.Also well done to Joey,Liam Steven,Johnathan and Michael for trying.