Monday, 7 August 2017

Did You Ever Poems by Grace

Did you ever…  

Did you ever...
Go to Puzzling world
In Wanaka
Buildings tilting
Brains focusing
IIlusions tricking
Confusing entertaining
Wanna try!

Did you ever...
Go to Arrowtown
In the South Island
Leaves rustling
Sun shinning
People tasting
Yum!                                     By Grace
Come and buy some!


  1. Wow Grace, your Did you ever poem was great! I liked how you used good describing words. Do you think Grace's poem had good describing words?

  2. WOW! Grace your Did you ever poem was... AWESOME I love how you used good describing words like focusing. Does anyone else like the word focusing.
    WELL DONE Grace.

  3. WOW Grace! Your Did you ever poem is great... I love the words "Illusion tricking." WELL DONE! What good words do you like in Graces poem?
    Also, no I haven't been to Puzzling World or Arrowtown. There must be some good food there! Is the food nice? What are some of the foods that there are at Arrowtown?