Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Nicole, Liam and Joey covered in mud!

Our three enviro monitors went to the beach today with Mrs Daniel and MrsVenville to do the 2 metre square project. I wonder what they found in the area they searched.


  1. Nicole, Joey and Liam! You guys are so messy! Did you have fun? What were you meant to do? Are you so messy because you got stuck in the mud? I don't like mud that much because I have eczema so it gets itchy, sore and annoying! Who else does not like mud?

  2. Nicole, Joey and Liam you look like you had a great time with the enviro group. Did you have a good time and was it tiring, walking back to school?

  3. I had so much FUN with the Enviro group! The only problem was that before I left I was basically a MUD MONSTER! But it was still a fun and enjoyable day! I wish everyone in the class could come!