Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Should We Be Able To Jump Off Wharves...Persuasive Writing by Liam

Should we be Able to Jump off Wharves?

I think we shouldn’t be able to jump off wharves.

When you jump off you could land next to a jellyfish or a sea creature that stings you!

The water might not be clear and there could be rocks and sharp objects, then your foot would have a BIG cut or a scratch on it!

Another reason is when you jump you could land on another person and both of you can get BROKEN bones and no one wants that!

If you have problems swimming you could DROWN! Plus you can just dive at a public swimming pool because it’s clear, there are lifeguards, there’s no rocks, shells, and also it’s not too deep!

It is very dangerous jumping off wharves unless you do it carefully!

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  1. I love all your wharf story's. They all have something that has a meaning. So that's why I think your up on the blog.