Thursday, 31 August 2017

Puss in Boots

On Wednesday we were entertained by a very talented cast of three actors who performed a unique, hilarious version of Puss in Boots. Clever Isla answered one of their questions at the end.
Which part did you enjoy most?


  1. I loved watching the puss n boots show. It was funny and fun to watch. Do you think it was fun

  2. We LOVED watching the interesting Puss'n'boots show! It was creative and had lots of sense of humour in it! Liam's favourite part was at the end when they sang the song Porridge! Kevin's favourite part was the Puss'n'boots detective was trying to park the car in the parking lot! We would love them to come back!

  3. The show puss n boots was so much fun and full with humour.
    The part when we were watching the Hansel and Gretel show was so funny.
    But the part when they were teasing miss Coffer was my favourite.

  4. The show was fantastic,|think the actors were brilliant and had a good sense of humor,I have to agree with Olivia when they were teasing Miss Coffer it was sort of funny.