Sunday, 24 September 2017

Chinese Culture by Ben


China has the largest population in the world with over 1.38 billion people. China is the 3rd largest country in the world by 9,706,961 sq km.

China has the largest standing army and second largest defence budget. Steamed rice, commonly called white rice, is widely eaten in China. China uses about 45 million chopsticks per-year.
100 million Chinese people live on less than $1(US)per day.

China belongs to the continent of Asia. 47% of the population in China live in urban areas. China has the fourth longest river in the world...the Yangtze River, which reaches up to 5,797km. It also has the sixth longest river in the world...the Yellow River which stretches out to 4,667km. China experiences typhoons every year and also suffers from floods, tsunamis, droughts and earthquakes.

China is officially known as the people’s republic of China.
The capital city is Beijing, while the most populated is Shanghai.
In 2008 China hosted the Olympics in Beijing.

China has the second best economy tagging along just behind the USA. In 2003 china became the third country to successfully send a person to space. The great wall of China is the largest man-made building in the world..

File:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg - Wikimedia Commons

By Ben

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  1. WOW! Benjamin! Your work has a lot of words and I learnt 100 million
    Chinese people live on less than 1 dollar per day!