Monday, 4 September 2017

Stu Duval Cartooning

Today Stu showed us how to make cartoon pictures of Twelvis, Fivosauras, Dr Z, Shark and Bear. Which was your favourite cartoon?


  1. Stu is a very funny man! He makes the funniest noises, especially when he makes the farting noises and when he scares you. Who else thinks he's funny?

  2. Macy thoroughly enjoyed this as did Room 12. Stu was a very funny and talented man!
    What was your favourite cartoon?

    1. Mmmm... I would say so! I totally agree with you Tait.

  3. I very enjoyed drawing and watching the fascinating, inspiring drawings that Stu Duval showed us! He was also very funny when he made the silly noises! My favourite drawing was the dinosaur! What was your favourite drawing?

  4. I agree with Tait. Stu is really funny. I love drawing the cartoons that he taught us. Do you like drawing the cartoons?