Sunday, 3 September 2017

Stu Duval, Author and Illustrator

Today Stu Duval visited Sunnyhills School. He showed us how to make cartoon pictures out of letters and numbers. He promoted the books he has written and we can purchase them at school tomorrow for $20 per copy. The Rat Island Story was an exciting adventure which he illustrated, told, dramatised and had music to accompany. Which part of Rat Island did you like best?


  1. The Stu Duval performance was awesome. It was full of humour and lots of fun for kids. My favourite parts were the story of Rat Island and all his drawing. Who else has the same favourites as me? Do you or don't you?

  2. I loved the drawing with Stu Duval using numbers, letters and shaps did you?

  3. Stu Duval was really talented.I loved the story Rat Island that he told us,it was really creative and drawing cartoons from letters numbers and shape was cooler.I would love it if there was Rat Island 2,3 or maybe even four!