Sunday, 24 September 2017

House Bird Facts by Nicole

House Bird Facts
By Nicole

Hoiho are native to  N.Z They are one of the rarest birds in New Zealand . The population is about 4,000. They are  found in the south-east of the South Island. Now they are the rarest penguin in the world dew to predators. They are not fussy eaters. They eat any type of fish.

Keas live in the wild. They exist only in the South Island. They nest in the birch forest. Keas are omnivorous. The predators of Keas are wild cats. There are a few thousand left.

Tui mainly feed on nectar from flowers of native plants.
They are found in the North island and south-west coast of the South Island..      

Takahes live in the South Island. Takahes are rare. They can live over 25 years. NZ is home to 300 Takahes. They have blue black and white feathers and a red beak. They lay two eggs but it is rare for two chicks to hatch and survive.


  1. Nicole I like the way you did your house bird the colour they are like Hoiho is yellow and Tui is blue. You also have very good facts I learnt somethings from that. Good job.

  2. Interesting facts.Good Job with your research Nicole it's excellent.