Sunday, 24 September 2017

Maori Colours by Tait

Maori colours
Whero...RedRed Heart Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Karaka...OrangeOctopus - Free pictures on Pixabay
Kowhai...YellowSun - Free pictures on Pixabay
Kakariki...GreenFree photo: Background, Green, Grass, Lawn - Free Image on Pixabay ...
kahurangi...blueFree photo: Sea, Ocean, Water, Still, Blue - Free Image on Pixabay ...
Poroporo...purpleFile:1870s purple dress.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Mawhero...pinkWomen's Slim Fit Earth Positive T-shirt | available in purpl… | Flickr
Ma...whiteRose Images - Public Domain Pictures - Page 1
Puma...greyFree Images : cold, winter, texture, floor, asphalt, ice, pattern ...
Paraone...brownDirt, Backgrounds, Textures - Free pictures on Pixabay
PANGO...blackSplat - Free pictures on Pixabay            by Tait


  1. Tait I like the way you put pictures at the end of the maori colours. You also have bright colours on your piece of paper. Well done!

  2. Wow Tait, I love how you used bright and vibrant colours and pictures to describe the Maori colours. Great job, it looks wonderful.