Monday, 25 September 2017

House Birds by Stella

 House Bird Facts

Hoiho are native to N.Z. The largest of the penguins are on the New Zealand mainland. There are less than 4000 of this species. The yellow-eyed penguin is an endangered animal,. It is now the rarest penguin in the world. They weigh up to 5-8 kgs. Their height is 65-68cm.

Kea are native to N.Z. It is quite hard to tell between females and males. Kea are very heavy in weight. Only a few thousand birds are remaining. They eat leaves, berries and insects.

Tui are native to N.Z. Tuis are fully protected in. They are found in the North, South and Stewart Islands. Tui are well known for their song. They can copy other sounds.

Takahe are native to N.Z. Takahes have lived to over 25 years old. They are the size of a large chicken. They have blue and green feathers. There are only 300 Takahe left.

By Stella


  1. Very interesting facts on these beautiful birds. I didn't realise there were only 300 Takahe left!��

  2. Well done Stella! I learnt a lot from that.🐧

  3. Great job Stella for researching all of those bird facts. I really enjoyed reading your story, it was very informative.